Saturday, June 23, 2012

Tommy and I had a couple of T-sips in from Austin last week.  Gordon and Sarah McHaney.  Sarah and I went to college together, and the couple became our friends after we married.  Gordon and Sarah LOVE the outdoors so they came to beautiful Arkansas to fish the White River, canoe the Buffalo, and to experience Eureka Springs.  On their way back home to Texas they stayed with us for the night.  Tommy missed his calling as a tour guide because he loves showing off Fayetteville to guests!  We loaded up the magic van and showed the McHaneys Razorback Stadium, Baum Stadium, U of A campus, Dickson street, and the beautiful houses in the historic district.  We initiated them into our way of life when the power on Tommy's ventilator got very low.  I was driving, and the McHaneys were biting their lips with anxiety.  Sarah is definitely one to have in an emergency, she just took the "ambu" bag and was on the ready.  She had to use it on Tommy while I changed tubing from the chair ventilator to the bedside ventilator.  I wish I had that on video, it was classic.  Thank you Gordon and Sarah for your help and friendship!


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