Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Dear Friends,

I have had "good intentions" of sustaining regular blog updates.  Obviously,  I have not met that goal this year.  Believe it or not I have been very busy trying to juggle health care and business.  The good news is I have been relatively healthy, and I have been able to participate regularly at work with a reduced schedule.

Just recently, I was blessed with a new wheelchair that will help with my quality of life and nagging health issues.  For instance, I was experiencing chronic head pains associated with the head rest and my positioning within the chair.  This chair, with a few adjustments to the head rest, seems to have decreased my issues with head pain.  Also, this new chair allows me to recline completely which is good for doctor visits, blood pressure issues, and pressure point redistribution.

Speaking of doctor visits, a few months ago I visited Dr. Luke Knox, my neurosurgeon, to make sure that the snap, crackle and pops I was hearing were not just a loose screw in my head.  Dr. Knox assured me that was not the case, and in fact four times during our hour session he would get right in my face and tell me "how good I looked."  After my usual answer of "well, of course I do"  I got serious and asked, "what did you expect for me to look like?"  His answer was simply that many times people in my condition, especially ventilator dependent people, are chronically ill, slumped over and generally do not look healthy.  The reason I am mentioning this to you is not to just brag about my good looks, but also to let you know that "I look healthy" because of your generosity which allows me to have great care.  I have been so blessed to have people who are not only caregivers, but who also generally care about me and my family.  When you need as much care as I require this is a tremendous blessing for the whole family.

I also wanted to let you know that besides work and doctor's visits, that we have been able to make a trip.  I actually wrote this blog from Florida!  Through the incredible generosity of a man who himself is wheelchair dependent, and I have yet to meet, our family has been able to take our first vacation since my accident.  As our boys get older and they juggle summer jobs, it is such a treat to have all of us together at the same time.

So for now please know that Robyn, Ross, Jack and I continue to live our life one day at a time.  Anytime we may feel discouraged or frustrated all we have to do is count our blessings and rejoice.  We are still amazed that after three and a half years our friends continue to reach out to us in different ways.  We see first hand how God in His mysterious and infinite wisdom weaves our lives with other's lives for blessing and Glory to His name.  We can not believe that again our friends have decided to throw another Tommy's Night Out in order to help us with our expenses.  As always we pray that those who touch our lives in any way are blessed with the knowledge that God is present in each of our lives and circumstances.


"Be joyful always; pray continually; give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus."
1Thessalonians 5:18

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